Mission Statement

            Our mission is to produce high quality cattle, forage, and grain with management practices that foster the best stewardship of our land, our livestock, our soil, and our human resources.

About Us

            We are a family operation with a passion for raising excellent beef cattle, and improving the range and soil that are our livelihood. This goal has led us to receive the 2016 Aldo Leopold Award for Conservation. We were also named the 2016 Commercial Beef Breeder of the year by the Beef Improvement Federation.

            Rex and Nancy head the cattle operation. They bought Plum Thicket Farms in 1998, after moving from the Colorado Mountains where Nancy had a cow/calf veterinary practice. They built the herd to 300 cows, implementing from the outset, a detailed individual cow record system. Nancy utilizes this data to make bull selections and culling decisions. She has steadily improved the genetic quality of their herd.

            After two tours of duty with the National Guard, Rex and Nancy's son, Patrick, came home to head the farming operation. He currently no-till farms 2300 acres. Patrick is passionate about improving soil health and conserving resources.

            To see more about our operation, view the video produced by the Sand County
Foundation about Plum Thicket Farms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRhHw0NwHTg

Recently weaned May-born calves of a cover crop of oats, rye, and peas.

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