Breeding Program

            A.I. has been the cornerstone of our breeding program for 16 years. About 60% of all the cows have either an A.I. sire or maternal grand sire. The base herd is roughly two-thirds Black Angus and one-third Red Angus. We started using hybrid Simmental-Angus bulls in 2003. Today, our cow herd is approximately one quarter to three-eighths Simmental.

             Each year, we synchronize and inseminate all of the yearling heifers and turn them in with clean up bulls for 25 days.  Open heifers are identified early and either bred to sell into a fall calving system or fed to produce high quality custom beef sold direct to the consumer. The rest of the herd will be held to a 45 day breeding season.

           If the grazing system allows, as many mature cows are synchronized and A.I.’d to a hybrid bull with excellent EPD’s. 

           Those cows that calved after the first 30 days are synchronized with CIDRs and inseminated to push them back into the first cycle.

Angus AI Sires:
• Bextor – Click Here
• Combination – Click Here 
• Thunder - Click Here 
• Work Horse - Click Here
• Game On – Click Here
30 of our best cows are inseminated with a straight or high percentage Simmental bull with a very high API EPD to produce herd bulls. In order for a cow to become a bull dam, she must be moderate framed, have a good disposition, be easy fleshing and have excellent udder structure. She must have an MPPA of at least 98. In addition, she must have produced at least two calves that have superior performance and carcass data. Our goal is to produce a herd that is around 25% Simmental which will consistently breed in a low cost, grazing environment and perform in the feed lot.

Simmental AI Sires: 
• Dream On – Click Here 
• Lucky Man – Click Here
• Sure Bet - Click Here
• U.S. Premium Beef - Click Here
• Hook’s Beacon 56B - Click Here

Hybrid bulls: 
• Convoy - Click Here
• Dual Focus - Click Here
• Paramount - Click Here
• Hook’s Black Hawk 50B - Click Here

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