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Plum Thicket will have 56 bred Simm-Angus heifers for sale at Berger’s Herd Master Sale on February 9th in North Platte, NE They will be sold in two bunches, grouped by Ultrasound Pregnancy Data
The first group is due to start Calving on March 15th, and be done By April 8th. 44% of them were serviced A.I.  Many of the heifers have A.I. sires themselves. There are 33 black heifers in this group and 4 red heifers.

The second group will calve between April 8th and April 28th. There are 17 black heifers and 2 red heifers in this group.

Heifers were Bred to:
CCR Boulder1339A                  CE = 15.8 Acc .76 BW= -2.4 acc .88   API =159
Hook’s Beacon 566                 CE= 18.3 Acc. .79   BW = -3.0 Acc .92 API = 186
J Bar J Nightride 225Z             CE = 22.8 acc .89 BW = -4.8 Acc .92 API = 179.6
GW Triple Crown 018C            CE = 20.8 Acc .56  BW = -6.1 acc .72 API = 189.8
TJ First Cut 1109C                  CE =17.7 Acc .49 BW =0.3 Acc .66  API = 158.2

Clean up bulls were all sons of Hook’s Beacon 566 with excellent EPD’s.
Performance data and EPD’s of all heifers available upon request              


              5 sons of MCDF Dual Combo 262z will be available in the spring. Performance data, pictures and EPD’s will be posted later

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