Nutrition Plan

  Our goal is to feed as little harvested forages as possible and still maintain cows in Body Condition Score (BCS) 5. This year, the cows will be wintered on crop residue, swathed forage sorghum, and stock piled winter range with protein supplementation during the last trimester. They will be on hay for 45 days until the rye on the pivots is ready.

The heifer calves are wintered on fall cover crops and corn stalks with 1# of dried distiller’s grain (DDG) per head per day. They are then turned onto rye in early May.
The steers will be kept on fall cover crops for 45 days post weaning and then go to the feed lot

Drought Management Plan

 The most important piece of our drought management plan is a deferred rest -rotation system for our native pastures. Because it was so dry in 2016 and very dry during the critical growing season this year, we utilized mob grazed annual forage crops to keep the cattle out of as many pastures as possible and push a high percentage of them into a dormant season only grazing period. Other options we are ready to adopt if necessary are early weaning, or dry-lotting pairs/cows on corn silage.

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